Asbestos Defense

New York asbestos defense attorneys fight for your rights
Asbestos claims can weigh heavily on the balance sheets of many manufacturers and suppliers.  After the Statute of Limitations was modified in New York in the 1980’s, the floodgates opened for asbestos lawsuits.   In the ensuing years, asbestos lawsuits have proliferated to such an extent that the Courts have found it necessary to promulgate separate rules and exceptions to handle the onslaught of cases.

Maimone & Associates PLLC has more than 15 years of experience in this highly demanding environment, and has litigated hundreds of cases for corporate defendants in the New York City and Albany metropolitan areas and surrounding suburban and rural counties.

The attorneys at Maimone & Associates, PLLC make it a point to approach each different claim independently.  We communicate with our clients to determine the objective of the case, and to avoid expending energy and resources on tasks that are unlikely to improve the outcome.  We understand that the efficiency is an important element to most companies.  We will use our experience and judgment to achieve the best possible outcome of the claims, including a trial if necessary.

Allow us to apply our experience and approach to the claims against your company.