Product Liability Defense

Half a century of judicial interpretation has fueled a product liability revolution in the law. Major manufacturers today must mount defenses against lawsuits that attack the integrity of their products with no requirement for a demonstration that the manufacturer was negligent or at fault.

Our long-standing relationships with major manufacturers, spanning decades, have afforded us the opportunity to develop a high degree of expertise in defending product liability cases. The firm has successfully defended the design and manufacture of trucks and automobiles and their components; food products; prescription and non-prescription drugs; medical devices; toys; structures such as scaffolding; and machines from mundane power tools to exotic monsters such as the tunnel boring machines now in use in the NYC water tunnel construction. Many of our cases involve heavy injuries including burns, paralysis, and death.

In its work, the firm has become expert in design and manufacturing concepts, and has teamed with technical experts in many different engineering sectors. Our successful techniques are honed from decades of experience in defending products in some of the most hostile venues in the country.

We employ technology in the service of persuasion, including the use of imaging techniques, animations, mock-ups, simulations and demonstrations. We are committed to demonstrating the benefits of our clients’ products in the courtroom to ensure the most positive outcome.