Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation 
We represent diverse clients, from individuals to multi-national corporations, in litigated matters in the State and Federal Courts. Our experience includes contractual and business disputes, employment issues, real property matters, and commercial paper.

Asbestos Defense 

Personal Injury
Our firm provides zealous advocacy for clients defending against lawsuits involving personal injury. The firm serves a number of large corporations that have chosen to retain large deductibles and self-insurance reserves. These companies require dedicated counsel with the ability to fully develop defenses and successfully present them in some of the most hostile venues in the country. We also enjoy close relationships with primary and excess insurers and TPA’s.

Product Liability Defense 
Half a century of judicial interpretations has fueled a product liability revolution in the law. Major manufacturers today must mount defenses against lawsuits that attack the integrity of their products with no requirement for a demonstration that the manufacturer was negligent or at fault.

Other areas of focus:

Asbestos Litigation
The economic demands of asbestos litigation upon manufacturers and distributors of products have increased dramatically in recent years. In the New York City Asbestos Litigation, high verdict and settlement exposure has compelled the choice of counsel that is knowledgeable about the issues and also comfortable with the New York court environment.

Our firm represents a major manufacturer in asbestos litigation, and has participated actively in the highly-specialized procedures that characterize this unique area of litigation. Our knowledge base is enhanced by previous experience in mass tort litigation such as DES defense. We are able to work effectively for our clients in this challenging area, from the inception of suit to conclusion.

Specialized Proceedings
Dispute resolution comprises far more than the typical lawsuit commenced in a conventional court. Many disputes now find their way to alternative forums specializing in arbitration and mediation.

We have embraced this trend to the advantage of our clients. Arbitration clauses in contracts that we have litigated have resulted in favorable outcomes in forums such as JAMS. We have also used a wide variety of mediation forums to bring about more timely and economical results for our clients.

We have also represented clients in proceedings in Surrogates’ Court in specialized areas of the Estates Law, and in Family and Supreme Court in domestic relations matters. We have found that our diverse experience is an advantage when pursuing our clients’ rights in these specialized courts and forums.